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A beautiful location

Surrounded by towering trees and mountains while being located next to the Smith River, the Gasquet Mobile Home Park offers serene and peaceful living. The Park is conveniently located 18 miles from Crescent City and the Pacific Ocean, 20 minutes from Sutter Coast Hospital and 33 miles from Brookings, OR.


Hiking, fishing, boating and more! The Gasquet Mobile Home Park is at the heart of outdoor recreational activity. Located within 20 minutes of two golf courses, countless State Park trails, and the Pacific Ocean; you'll never be at a loss for fresh new experiences that nature has to offer. Our rivers and ocean offer great opportunity for swimming and beach combing as well!

The Weather

Located close to the Pacific Ocean but far enough away so that the coastal fog isn't an issue, Gasquet offers beautiful moderate weather. Cool in the winter and warm in the summer with a slight ocean breeze, you can bet that rain or shine, Gasquet is always gleaming.

Rainfall averages 70 inches a year.

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